Mangools Review – The Best Budget SEO Suite Money can Buy

Mangools Review – The Best Budget SEO Suite Money can Buy

When it comes to running a website, content is king. But there’s more to putting articles in front of readers’ eyes than simply writing stellar content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. By optimizing for search engines such as Google and Bing, it’s easier for users to actually find your web content. While you can find different standalone SEO tools, an SEO suite packs in an array of different applications. Mangools is a fantastic search engine optimization suite that won’t break the bank. But is it right for you? Learn all about Mangools, from what it is to who should use it!

What is Mangools?

Mangools markets itself as Juicy SEO tools you’ll love. It’s a collection of five different applications. There’s KWFinder for keyword research. SiteProfiler provides SEO valuable SEO metrics and insights. LinkMiner is a backlink analysis tracking and monitoring system. SERPWatcher allows for search engine results pages (SERP) tracking, while SERPChecker delivers SERP analysis. You have limits on the number of searches and actions you can perform with these different tools in a certain timeframe. Stepping up to higher tiers unlocks more access.

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Mangools apps:

  • KWFinder – keyword research
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

KWFinder – A Great Keyword Research Tool

One of its highlight resources is KWFinder. Search for a keyword and you’ll be greeted with various statistics such as search volume, cost per click (CPC), pay-per-click info (PPS), and keyword difficulty or how tough it is to rank for a particular word or phrase. KWFinder lets you sort by related keywords, autocomplete, and associated questions. You’ll also find a SERP overview that shows the sites currently ranking for a particular keyword alongside statistics such as their domain authority, page authority, and number of links.

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Rather than simply spitting out a bunch of keywords that include what you searched for, KWFinder suggests several tangential keywords. For instance, “SEO agency” gave standard fare keywords like “SEO services,” “SEO marketing,” and “SEO consultant.” But KWFinder also prompted “internet marketing company,” and “website marketing company.” It’s pretty helpful because these are valuable related words and phrases that you might not otherwise come up with. Aside from being able to search for specific keywords, you can search by domain which then offers a list of keywords that site ranks for in Google.

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